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About Us

Alzheimer's and Memory Care

caregiver and old man smiling at each other

Acorn Oaks Manor, an Assisted Living Facility in San Diego, California, is dedicated to the care of individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Even though we do not have access to the cure, we have the ability to treat our residents with the best memory care possible. We offer a safe and comfortable place where our residents are able to relax and feel at home while receiving the treatment they deserve.

Through our services, we aim to find ways to help our residents live a full and enjoyable life. There is no doubt that Alzheimer’s and dementia are serious and terrible health conditions, but through our assisted living facility’s services and the staff we have in our employ, you can find a diverse array of care programs designed to provide you with only the best care possible.

Acorn Oaks Manor I & II is a beautiful 20-bed residential care facility on 3/4 acre near SDSU, (El Cajon Blvd and College). We have a large team of experienced staff members who provide care in a home setting. We offer a fully secured perimeter with a lovely enclosed backyard area. When living at home alone is no longer a safe option, we provide a fantastic alternative. We specialize in dementia care for your loved ones. License No. 374603162 & 374603163.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 619-265-8416 or at 619-777-9674.