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A Safe Environment for Our Loved Ones with Dementia


When people get old, we observe forgetfulness, carelessness, and disorientation. We tend to disregard it and always refer to it as something brought about by aging, not known to all, these are already early signs of Dementia. Dementia affects older people the most, but it is not a normal part of aging. It is not just a single disease, it is a broad term to represent symptoms such as memory, communication, and cognitive impairments. The chances of having dementia increase as people age. The good thing is that it is preventable.

Dementia can be caused by brain cell damage or death that happens over time. A person experiencing dementia may show some if not all of these signs;

  • Recent memory loss
  • Difficulty completing familiar tasks
  • Problems communicating and loss of initiative
  • Disorientation and personality changes
  • Misplacing things and mood changes

Despite the fact that dementia is common, still, there are highly critical/death incidents caused by such. These incidents were risks but were never acted upon immediately. Symptoms of dementia can lead to accidents and deaths. These should be taken seriously. When we care for our loved ones with dementia at home, there are necessary steps that we can take to provide a safe and conducive environment. It is to help minimize the risks as much as possible.

With dementia care at home, families cannot ascertain if the environment is conducive enough to alleviate symptoms and minimize stress in patients. The good thing about institutionalized care is that the setting or the environment is architecturally designed to avoid risks and accidents in patients.

How can families avoid the risk of accidents for patients with dementia?

  • Patients with dementia should minimize, if not avoid, going up and down the stairs. Their lack of balance might cause them to trip or fall.

  • All areas of the house should be well-lit. This is to make patients see clearly.

  • Perfectly fitted footwear also helps in securing gait and balance. Loose slippers and shoes can no longer provide enough support.

  • Keep all day to day use pieces of equipment at hands reach. Keep a corner in the house where all basic and personal kinds of stuff of the patient are kept. This is to help them in relieving stress when it comes to their memory.

  • Avoid heavy, breakable and pointed pieces of equipment.

  • Always note the slippery areas at home. Immediately wipe off spills on the floor before it can cause any accidents.

  • Be prepared with a stacked first aid and emergency kit. You wouldn’t know when you will be needing one.

These lists are only some of the key interventions in preventing risks of accidents for patients with dementia. If the family cannot guarantee these, institutionalized care is the best option.

Acorn Oaks Manor is a provider of an assisted living facility in San Diego, California. We specialize in Alzheimer’s and memory care. Our professional staff are highly skilled and experienced in making sure that your loved ones will still feel like home. The goal of our care plan is to give them a safe environment as they continue to enjoy the gift of life.

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