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Benefits of Pet Care for a Loved One Who Has Dementia


Has dementia turned your family life upside down? Know that you’re not alone. There is a lot of accessible help and support that are open for you. Don’t close your doors even to possibilities of getting outside help or relocating your loved one to a dementia care facility in San Diego. For all you know, these services can allow you the focused care and affection you wanted to provide for your loved one.

Now, what about pets? Have you thought of the possibility that pets could be therapeutic at some point to someone with dementia? According to BrightFocus Foundation, there have been several studies supporting the positive impact of pets on patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Whether these pets are dogs, fishes, or birds, the positive impact on the patients was observed.

Here are the notable benefits of pets for patients who need Alzheimer’s and memory care:

  • Emotional well-being

    In studies on pets with Alzheimer’s patients, there has been an observed reduction of agitation and other behavioral problems whenever pets are around. Researchers attribute this to the non-threatening persona of pets that patients can comfortably snuggle them and interact with them. This behavior is seen to improve the patient’s emotional health.

  • Nutrition

    In another study, dementia patients who were exposed to fishes in the aquarium had great appetites when they were served their meals as compared to those without exposure to the pets. As a result, the patient gained sufficient weight, which made nutritional supplements less required.

  • Companionship

    Pets have the magical ability to make their presence known so that you won’t really feel alone. You can even talk to them. While they won’t be able to answer you back in human words, you know that they communicate their response in the love and affection you will feel. This type of companionship is a big deal for dementia patients who see pets as a non-threat to them.

  • Exercise

    Dementia patients also need to engage in physical exercises even as simple as a 30-minute walk. When they live in a sedentary lifestyle, they could develop diabetes or other health complications. Dogs are known to be gleeful companions in these exercise regimens. Having pets around can provide a great excuse for getting a morning walk.

At Acorn Oaks Manor, we recognize the great value of pets in the life and convenience of dementia patients. For this reason, we have friendly pets in our facility, as well as an aviary, where your loved one can enjoy the company of great pets. You would be glad to know that these are not the only comfortable amenities we can offer for your loved one with dementia.

We would love to tour you around our assisted living facility in San Diego, California so you can see for yourself. Feel free to set an appointment with us so we can assist you accordingly.

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