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5 Helpful Tips if You Have Dementia

5 Helpful Tips if You Have Dementia

Dementia is a term to describe an overall term for neuro-degenerative symptoms like memory loss and inability to carry on normal tasks because of thinking disabilities. If you or your loved ones have dementia, it may be difficult to deal with day-to-day life, as it is a progressive disease. No cure has been found yet and clinical studies are still trying very hard to find a way to stop this. Here are some tips for you or your loved ones:

  • Get a Notebook and Pen. Write down important things that you want to remember. Put colored tabs to tell you what you need as soon as you see it. For instance, “Reminders”, “Notes for the Day”, “Telephone Numbers”, “Emergency Numbers”, or “Daily Tasks”.

  • Get a Big Calendar. You can have a big calendar on your wall and write down the tasks you need to accomplish there. Once that day has passed, you can mark it with an X. You can also counter-check with your phone to remember the dates.

  • Get a Pill Organizer Box. This is very important for taking your medication on time and at the right doses. Along with this, you can make different phone alarms to make sure you are reminded to take them.

  • Don’t Stop Doing What You Enjoy. If you get depressed or have anxiety because of a dementia diagnosis, try to pick yourself up and continue doing what you love doing. If you are into art, try to put your emotions on your canvass. You can even continue going to the gym if you like.

  • Do What Makes You Happy. If you have always wanted to do something, do it now. Now is the best time. If you want to have Latin Dance Classes, go ahead. If you want to write poetry, use your notebook and write down your thoughts. Having dementia isn’t the end of everything!

While dementia will worsen over time, this doesn’t need to mean that you have to stop enjoying life. Seek assistance if you need to!

If you are looking for an assisted living facility in San Diego, California, Acorn Oaks Manor offers care for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory care needs. For inquiries, call us at 951-216-8130 or 949-322-6412 . We look forward to hearing from you!

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