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4 Ways to Deal with Depression in the Elderly with Dementia

4 Ways to Deal with Depression in the Elderly with Dementia

Having dementia can be depressing to some elderly patients. If you have loved ones with dementia, it can be very saddening to see a sudden mood shift in them. Depression can take its toll on the health too, as elders will refuse to eat or take their medicine. To help them get out of depression, here are some things you can do to help:

  • Talk to Them. Sometimes being of older age can mean that they are all alone at home with no one to talk to. They can feel lonely too, so just talking to them daily and asking about their day will help a lot. Ask them what they are thinking of, what they want to do, and what they feel. You will surely get more meaningful replies if you do this on a daily basis, as it will help them feel important and loved.

  • Take Note of their Likes and Hobbies. If your elderly loved one has always been into the arts, try and take them to museums and parks. You can even give them some art craft to use and have fun with while they are at home. Their time can mostly be eaten only by television and staring outside the house on their front porch. It is apt to give them something to do that exercises their minds and body.

  • Get them to Join Clubs or Support Groups. There are Dementia and Alzheimer’s groups where they can share thoughts and best practices. If they join support groups, you will find that, sometimes, it’s good to know that you are not alone in the world.

  • Enroll in an Assisted Living Facility. In a facility like this, your elderly loved one will be housed in a place where others are experiencing the same in life. There is more supervision by medical and non-medical staff who are compassionate to help them have better days. It will also be good for your loved one to always have people to be with, as there are definitely fun activities in assisted living facilities. Activities like gardening, kitchen activities, puzzles, craft, singing and dancing, and playing outdoor games are all possible.

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