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Assisted Living: How To Help Your Senior Loved Ones Adjust

Assisted Living How To Help Your Senior Loved Ones Adjust

Transitioning to an assisted living facility can be hard for many aging individuals. Your loved ones will need your support during the transition period. Help them adjust to assisted living through the following tips.

  • Make the surroundings familiar.

    Senior loved ones who need Alzheimer’s and memory care often feel calmer when they are in a familiar environment. When they move to a facility, you can make the environment familiar by decorating the room with decorations from home. You can put up their pictures on the walls or you can cover the bed with bed sheets from home, too. Do what you can to give familiarity to the place.

  • Stay in touch with them.

    One of the things that worry senior individuals residing in an assisted living facility in San Diego, California is the perceived abandonment from their loved ones. They might think that they are left behind by their family members. As a result, they feel uncomfortable and adjusting to the place can be hard.

    The best solution to this is to stay in touch with them. Make them feel like they are still connected to you. Take note of their facility’s phone number. Give the administrator your number, too. This way, you and your loved ones can easily communicate with each other.

  • Visit regularly.

    Of course, your presence beats messages and calls. Make it a habit to visit your loved ones regularly. By visiting, you show them that you still care and that they are still a huge part in your life.

    You can visit by yourself or with other family members. You can even bring old friends or neighbors along. Try to play some games, enjoy recreational activities or just chat. Keep your senior family members entertained.

  • Arrange special deliveries often.

    Send them special deliveries like flowers, cakes, balloons, or whatever you can think of that will make your family members happy. Just make sure that they are allowed in the dementia care facility in San Diego or that they are good for them. These deliveries show that you still think of them.

  • Encourage them to participate in the facility’s activities.

    The activities may vary. These activities are often implemented to help the residents battle loneliness, improve social skills and maintain good emotional health. Encourage your loved ones to participate in an activity they are interested in.

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