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Helping Your Aging Parents Move To An Assisted Living Facility

Helping Your Aging Parents Move To An Assisted Living Facility
Are your parents moving to an assisted living facility at this point in their lives? If so, they might need your help and you might want to follow these tips.

  • Visit the facility beforehand.
    You need to have a good look at the facility where your loved ones will be moving to. Check out where their rooms will be and which path they should take to make the move easier and smoother. At the same time, you should check the entire room out. Get an idea as to how you will decorate the room with your parents’ things.
  • Know the rules.
    Every assisted living facility in San Diego, California has its own rules and regulations. Know the ones that are being implemented in the facility you have chosen for your parents. Take note of these rules and inform your loved ones about them so they can follow. If you have questions about any of the rules, it will be best to ask the administrator and get answers beforehand. You don’t want your parents to have already moved into the facility only to find out that they are not comfortable with certain rules.
  • Create a plan.
    Always plan the move early on. As much as possible, plan every step towards moving day. Having a plan will get things in order. This will mean more convenience and less hassle on both ends. Without a plan, things may go awry and this will not sit well with loved ones who need Alzheimer’s and memory care.
  • Make sure transportation is available.
    How can you move your loved ones and their belongings when there are no means of transportation available? Do not forget to make such arrangement prior to moving day. Find a vehicle that is appropriate for the move. Make sure it is big enough to accommodate your loved ones and their things conveniently and comfortably. When choosing a transportation service, consider your loved ones’ health conditions.
  • Assist your loved ones when packing.
    Consider the rules of your chosen dementia care facility in San Diego. Pack the necessities such as clothes and toiletries. Avoid packing those which may already be present in the facility, such as a bed or a chair. Consider the storage space in the room, too.
  • Know what to do about things that will be left behind.
    Those things that will be left behind should be dealt with. Ask your parents what to do with them. You can donate these things or do whatever.

Acorn Oaks Manor welcomes you or your loved ones to our home. Contact us at 951-216-8130 or 949-322-6412 to know how to move to our facility.

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