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Improving Relationships with Our Loved Ones Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease

Improving Relationships with Our Loved Ones Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease

We are always tested and challenged when it comes to the person we love who needs Alzheimer’s and Memory Care. We feel like we are at a defeat, weakening with fear that we may fail those who depend on us, who rely on us. It takes great deal to rise above these challenges. It’s difficult and it will test our will at every turn, but it does not mean we cannot rise above it.

There are many ways in which we can help and support our loved one dealing with the Alzheimer’s Disease. Hope is what we give ourselves when we lose the faith. Just one more mile, just one more try. Hope is what keeps us breathing and living life.

We always aim to be the best Assisted Living Facility in San Diego, California. We have come up with some tips on how to improve and solidify the relationship we have with our loved one who has the Alzheimer’s. Here are some of the tips:

  1. It is important that we do not argue with them. Let us take into consideration their condition and the difficulties they are facing. They may be confused and scared of not being able to immediately identify or remember what they once used to. Patience is everything. We should speak to them and interact in manners that would calm them down and get them to respond in a way that would work both ways.

  2. Give them time to loosen up. And, it would be best to loosen up as well. Forcing them to do things they do not want or asking them questions they may feel intimidated to answer would make them cave in. Give them the time and space to think. Give them the chance to comprehend and breathe.

  3. Do not underestimate their ability to communicate. It would offend the people we love if we treat them differently than we used to. They can handle communication issues depending on the effect Alzheimer’s has on them. It would not be nice to assume the effects of Alzheimer’s on everyone are the little bit the same.

  4. People who are dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease are not different from any other person. It would be a great idea to include them in conversations and discussions, whatever the topic it may be. This would give the person we love a better sense of belongingness and comfort with the people surrounding them.

  5. Listen to their words. Listen to their thoughts. They may have Alzheimer’s Disease, but they are also just human. They may not exactly be the same person we have always known, but it would be great to treat them like it’s the first time. They will always have the heart and the eyes of the person we love – we are just meeting them again and knowing their ways again.

The mind may forget many things, but our hearts will always be connected through some fond memories buried deep within us. Visit our website for more details about our facility. For further inquiries, call Acorn Oaks Manor through 951-216-8130 or 949-322-6412.

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