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Taking Care of a Loved One with Dementia


Dementia is a terrible disease that not only causes sufferers to forget about their identity but even forget how they should live. This is why it is important to know how to provide the best care possible to your loved one. You are not alone though and Acorn Oaks Manor can help you out. We are an assisted living facility in San Diego, California that can provide personalized care services to ensure that your loved one is living a full and comfortable life, despite the condition they are battling.

Here are a few ways to help cope with dementia and to help your loved one live a better and more independent life.

  • Diet

    It is extremely hard to watch someone important to you slowly forget the people around them, who they are, and how to do even the most basic things. This is why you have to stay on top of their care and ensure they are receiving the best support possible.

    There are many ways you can make sure for this happens. One way is through diet. There are many different kinds of food that can help fight dementia such as food with Omega 3, leafy green vegetables, beans, berries, nuts, and whole grains. By providing this kind of food to your loved one, you can help them live a more independent and productive life.

  • Positivity

    It is important to maintain a positive atmosphere around your loved one. This can provide them with the hope and motivation they need to keep fighting this disease. Even though there is no cure for dementia, it does not mean you have to lie down and accept your fate. Find ways to keep your loved one fighting. You can also fight alongside them. The support and positive energy will truly go a long way.

  • Simple Tasks

    It is important to have your loved one do the tasks and other things around the house. However, you need to break it down for them by providing simple steps. This ensures they understand what they have to do and this can provide the motivation they need to get through the day.

Dementia is something that no one wants to go through but at our dementia care facility in San Diego, we can help provide the support that your loved one deserves.

Our website is full of information regarding memory care and how we can help your loved one live a better life now.

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