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3 Easy Tips to Keep Your Memory Sharp

3 Easy Tips to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Have you ever experienced short memory lapses? Do you recall that instance wherein you are engaged in a conversation with a new person and in the next few minutes you just completely forgot his or her name? How about that specific instance wherein you went to the kitchen to get something but you could not remember what is it that you are looking for? These are normal circumstances that could happen to anybody. But if old age comes into the picture, it might be an early symptom of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

As one of the trusted assisted living facilities in California, we have come up with three easy ways to fight memory loss and to keep your brain sharp:

1. Keep your brain active!
One of the best ways to keep a sharp memory is by constantly using your brain. As you age, you do not stop learning. Instead, you have to pick up a book or play some memory games just to keep your mind occupied. Because the moment you stop using your brain for intelligible things, your memory starts to deteriorate.

If you are in an Assisted Living Facility in San Diego, California, like Acorn Oaks Manor, there are a number of options offered to you. You can opt to play some mind games with your personal caregiver. Chess and Scrabble are just some of the examples. Moreover, you can also spend some time reading new books or rereading your old favorite novels. You have the luxury of time as you grow old, make sure you use it wisely.

2. Keep in touch with the world
Socializing is a low-key way of keeping a sharp memory. By simply reaching out to old friends and colleagues help can give your brain a boost. Looking back from memorable events and from your old experiences, you tend to realize how far you had been.

Talking to your old friends, helps you reminisce your old self. It also helps you to endeavor to work for more. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself to do something you used to do in the past. It also gives you an opportunity to rethink your life and strive to become better.

3. Keep a healthy lifestyle
What you eat and what you do on a daily basis also helps a lot. A healthy diet and steering away from cigarette and alcohol will help you stay fit and sharp. Your brain can still function like that of a young adult and your body can still be as active like that of a teenager.

Eating healthy means giving your body the chance to receive proper nutrition and help the body get enough nutrients it needs.

Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are worst nightmares for seniors. Gradual forgetfulness and loss of memory can greatly affect the lives of seniors. Do not wait for this to happen to your loved ones. Make a move today!

When it comes to memory care, you should not just depend on self-care. It is also best if we seek help from the professionals at Acorn Oaks Manor, an Alzheimer’s and Memory Care facility in San Diego. For queries and information, you can check our website for a complete list of services at or call us at 949-322-6412.

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