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Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

What do we really know about assisted living? Is it similar to a home care provider? Is it another term for nursing homes? We have heard about assisted living but we never got the right information up until today. You are planning to get a personalized senior care for your senior loved ones but you are not yet sure what to get.

To clear our minds from misconceptions, here are some crucial information that you need to know about assisted living:

1. It is just like any nursing facility
The kind of environment that seniors are placed in when they are in an assisted living is similar to that of a facility. It is in a sense similar because they will be separated from their family. However, it varies greatly as regards to the place they will be living and the care they will be getting.

A senior Assisted Living Facility in San Diego, California, the Acorn Oaks Manor, offers apartment-style living for seniors. This means that our patients have their own private space. Moreover, the care they will be getting will depend on their needs. Whether a senior patient requires a private nurse or just a personal caregiver, it will all depend on the assessment of the facility.

The best thing about assisted living is that its healthcare services are flexible. We make sure that all the needs of our patients are met and they are comfortable in their second home.

2. It limits the activities for seniors
We have this notion that because our senior loved ones are not staying in their own place, they have to limit their actions. Assisted living facilities are in no way limiting the activities of seniors. In fact, we promote independence and physical activity. We have skilled caregivers who can accompany them to do their favorite hobbies.

In addition, there are several facilities that allow their patients to bring their personal belongings to the place even their pets. Although there has to be a special negotiation for this, as long as the things can fit in their apartment and the pets are thoroughly checked, there is no need to restrict our patients to it.

3. Assisted living is more on generic senior care
It is true that assisted living facilities cater to a general type of senior care but there are some Dementia Care Facilities in San Diego, like Acorn Oaks Manor, that serves specialized and general care. We have competent caregivers and skilled nurse who can look after your senior loved ones.

Our care plan also varies depending on the health condition of the patient. In particular, specialized dementia care in our facility also serve incontinence care, as well as around-the-clock accommodation. This is very important for patients with dementia.

There are still many things that we do not know about assisted living. It is important that we do our research or look for a trusted facility to ask for queries. In this manner, we will be directed to the right information and we will be assured of the kind of service that we will be getting.
If you are residing near San Diego, California and you want to send your senior loved ones in a safe and trusted facility, Acorn Oaks Manor is the perfect place for them. It is accessible. It is worth your every penny.

For reservations and inquiries, you can visit us at or talk to our caregivers at 951-216-8130.

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